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Radiator Overheating Repairs/Solutions HAM Rockhampton

Prevent engines overheating: Coolant change, Replace old radiator hoses, replace the radiator cap, fit new thermostat and water pump and clean the radiator

To prevent an overheating problem make sure that your car’s radiator is serviceable. A small defect on your radiator can cause overheating even when the car is idling.

Quick Radiator Repairs, Maintenance & Replacements

picture of brake disc being repaired Your radiator plays an important role in your vehicle’s heating and cooling system. If it isn’t functioning properly, your vehicle is in danger of overheating, which can lead to mechanical failure and other issues.

At Highway Auto Radiators, we recommend timely radiator maintenance services to help keep your cooling system operating properly, thus preventing engine overheating. Ideally, your radiator’s condition should be constantly monitored and inspected, especially in particularly hot climates or after long periods of driving. The following are some quick tips to avoid trouble down the road:

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1- Look for abnormal rises in your thermostat.
It’s necessary to maintain a certain temperature to continue driving safely and avoid serious damage. Owners should pay close attention to quick and abnormal rises in their vehicle’s engine temperature readings. Do not ignore any extreme heating or wait until steam is rising from under the hood to take action.

2- Inspect for rust/leaking.
Careful inspection of your radiator will reveal any rusting or leaking that will cause your vehicle to break down.

3- Pay attention to driving habits.
Your driving habits, the age of your vehicle, and the weather conditions in which you drive are contributing factors to radiator breakdowns.

4- Pay attention to engine temperature.
Your vehicle’s engine can either run too cold or too hot, either of which can lead to expensive repairs. When the engine’s too cold the catalytic converter may be damaged, and when it runs too hot, your vehicle might suffer a cracked cylinder head. This leads to coolant leakage or combustion gas leakage to various engine components and is very expensive to repair.

Worry-Free Radiator Repair Services

There are many causes of radiator malfunction. Age and normal wear and tear can cause major problems if left unchecked. Our routine maintenance to your radiator prevents engine overheating or engine breakdown.

The primary goal of any radiator service is to keep you off the side of the road. One of the best tips for proper radiator maintenance is to change the coolant. Whenever coolant reaches its use by date it becomes ineffective at initiating the radiator to cool the engine.

At Highway Auto Radiators, our team of radiator repair specialists have the equipment and expertise to keep your radiator at peak performance. Located in the CBD of North Rockhampton our radiator or replacements are a much better alternative to any of the car dealers. We treat you like family and at our repair facility you’re not just another number, you are important to us.

With an industry-leading lifetime workmanship guarantee*, you can rest assured that you’ve received the best radiator repair services in the area. Contact us for a FREE quote on radiator repair in Rockhampton!

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At Highway Auto Radiators we are here to provide you with the best radiator repair services in Rockhampton. We help you maintain an appropriate temperature for your vehicle by servicing all components to your vehicle’s cooling system. If you’re noticing an extreme rise in your vehicle temperature, then stop by our shop, located at 246 Musgrave Street North Rockhampton. We’ll make sure you avoid breakdowns from overheating today, tomorrow, and the foreseeable future.

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Highway Auto Radiators, offer personal service and quality workmanship guaranteed* for life.

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